17 Inspirational Non-Profit Quotes

Working in the non-profit sector takes a special kind of person. They need to have the determination and passion to fight for their cause through difficult odds and unexpected challenges. As if that’s not enough, they need the skills and savvy to be able to navigate the waters of the business world. But luckily, these people do exist — and they’re working to make the world a better place. Here are some non-profit quotes that celebrate those taking on these challenges, and emerge triumphant.

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The Remarkable Features Of BreMobile

When you’re trying to change the face of mobile marketing you need to be prepared. And BreMobile is more than ready to change the way customers and business interact with mobile marketing. Besides a user-friendly and remarkably inexpensive mobile advertising platform, BreMobile has made sure to pack its service with everything small businesses need to succeed. Providing tons of great services for consumers and companies alike, the features of BreMobile are part of what makes it the future of mobile advertising. Continue reading

New Tricks To Amp Up Your Web Security

Being an entrepreneur means thinking of everything. You have to be on your toes and ready to prepare for any eventuality. But even the most forward-thinking small business person can’t cover every angle — especially when it comes to internet security. The news is filled with horror stories of businesses that have been hacked and private data that has been exposed to hostile agents. And while it’s impossible to guarantee security on the internet, there are some important ways you can guard the privacy of your business and your customers. Continue reading

Discovering The Power Of Urban Marketing

There are a lot of buzz words being thrown around these days, especially when it comes to marketing. Most of these are flashes in the pan that won’t end up benefitting your business. But if you’ve heard rumblings about ‘urban marketing,’ it’s time to listen up. This new concept for advertising could prove a powerful resource for your small business. BreMobile is here to tell you exactly what it is, and why it’s so useful.

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BreMobile And The Future Of Mobile Marketing

There are countless apps and platforms out there. So it’s a rare and wonderful moment when an online platform appears that lives up to the hype. One that does everything it promises to, and more. BreMobile is such a platform, and it’s going to change not only online advertising, but the future of mobile marketing. Here’s how BreMobile is going to go from A mobile platform to THE mobile platform.

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Why You Need To Take The Leap Into Mobile Advertising

If you don’t know by now, let BreMobile fill you in on an important business fact. Mobile advertising is the wave of the future. More and more people are logging on to the internet via their mobile devices. Most noteworthy, any small business that hasn’t invested in mobile marketing stands to lose out in a major way. And the facts below will convince you that if you want to keep your company current, it’s time to get serious about mobile advertising.

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5 Tips For Spotting Scams

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Small business owners and entrepreneurs know this better than anyone; if it seems like a direct trip down easy street, there’s a very real chance you’re being taken for a ride. But some tricks are subtler than others and harder to pick up on — especially when it comes to the digital world. Here are some quick tips from BreMobile for spotting scams and keeping your company on the straight and narrow.

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