Making The Most Of The Customer Experience

Small businesses have a lot to contend with these days. There are countless factors demanding their attention, and the results can be overwhelming. The end result is that vital aspects of your business and brand can often be overlooked – to your company’s detriment. And by far one of the most overlooked aspects of modern business (particularly in the mobile world) is the customer experience. Continue reading

Your Nonprofit And The Power Of BreMobile

Any organization that describes itself as ‘nonprofit’ knows that the title comes with some unique challenges. This is rarely more evident than when working out the best ways to raise awareness for your organization. You want the most widespread attention possible, but you’d much rather funds go towards your cause instead of advertising. That’s where BreMobile comes in. This powerful and singular mobile marketing service goes further than just helping small businesses — it’s a remarkable tool for nonprofit organizations.

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Designing Your Perfect Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile marketing is the future of advertising; there’s really no arguing it at this point. Across the country and the globe, companies and businesses of all sizes are giving mobile advertising a shot — and bidding farewell to their old marketing campaigns. That doesn’t mean it’s easy; many entrepreneurs and savvy marketers get caught up short when working on a mobile marketing strategy. What works? What doesn’t work? And how do you make this new technology work for you and your business? BreMobile has the answers to these questions, and some essential tips to designing the perfect mobile marketing strategy to suit your needs.

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5 Non-Profit Marketing Ideas

Raising awareness for your non-profit is a full-time job in itself. Besides the countless other things an entrepreneur has to keep track of, non-profit marketing is a 24/7 obligation. Some people get overwhelmed by the options and end up not doing anything. However, this can damage their organization. In this day and age a non-profit can’t afford to skip out on marketing. Yet this doesn’t have to be such a daunting task. Here are some ideas and tips from BreMobile to perfect your non-profit marketing campaign.

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Why Localized Apps Are A Small Business Essential

Technology has, in many ways, shrunk the world. It’s now possible to have a live conversation with someone sitting on the other side of the globe, and appear to be face to face (or at least screen to screen). With the world seemingly at your fingertips, it’s easy for small businesses to overlook the advantages to keeping their focus local. Other businesses just don’t know what digital tools will allow them to attract the local customers they want. But localized apps can prove essential for a small brand or business – here’s why.

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Get The Most Out of Your SEO

Search engine optimization: It sounds great (and you’ve probably used the phrase at one time or another), but what does it really mean? Basically, it’s about where your small business website shows up on search engines and why it is (or isn’t) in a coveted top spot. There’s a lot of heated debate on the best and worst ways to achieve SEO; but even if you’re not a technological wiz you can still ensure your website rises up the search ranks. Here are some tips from BreMobile for getting the most out of your SEO.

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14 Women Business Quotes For Entrepreneurs

One of the biggest challenges facing women business owners is a sense of isolation. They don’t always get the luxury of connections and camaraderie that their male colleagues enjoy. That doesn’t mean women business owners are alone — far from it. Female entrepreneurs are a rapidly growing (and increasingly successful) section of the business world. It might take a little longer to find a community of like-minded women in this sector, but the effort is well worth it. Here are some women business quotes for when you need a reminder of the strength and community surrounding female entrepreneurs.

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Leveraging The Power Of BreMobile

BreMobile is a truly one-of-a-kind resource. First of all, it connects you to an international market on a global level. Furthermore, its streamlined technology gives small businesses across the globe the ability to achieve success via mobile marketing. And since mobile marketing is the new frontier for advertising, small businesses need to adapt if they’re going to remain competitive. That’s where BreMobile comes in. We give businesses across the globe the cutting-edge technology that will allow them to achieve their goals. Below are just a few of the ways small businesses can leverage the power of BreMobile. Finally, this will let companies take on mobile marketing and succeed in this competitive new industry. Continue reading